Are You Worried About Your Child Or Adolescent And Unsure What Steps You Can Take?

Do you have concerns about your child’s behavior, and you don’t know how to improve it? Are you wondering what is developmentally appropriate for your child? Have you tried reading various parenting books and still find yourself searching for answers? Perhaps you are worried about your child’s academic performance. Or maybe they are struggling with anxiety, depression, or a recent trauma, and you don’t feel equipped to help them work through the confusion or pain they’re experiencing.

As a parent, it is common to have questions and to wonder what the best approach is for supporting your child and helping them develop. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. And this is especially true when your child is displaying oppositional behavior, has difficulties regulating their emotions, or has unique learning needs. 

The most important thing to recognize is that children very rarely outgrow behavioral, emotional, or learning difficulties on their own. Seeking parenting training now can equip you with the skills and awareness you need to support and guide your child through any challenges that may come their way.

Parents Need Support, Too

Parents play the most important role in child development. Unfortunately, many parents don’t have someone they can turn to when they have questions or concerns about their child. You may have read parenting books or joined a local parenting group or class, but how can you know the advice you’re getting is going to help your child? And while you know there isn’t a clear “right” way to parent, you want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to give your child the best guidance and support.

At Caring Cove, we are committed to providing evidence-based techniques, skills, and resources to educate and support parents and families. Rather than telling you a certain way to parent, we tailor our approach to your specific challenges, strengths, goals, and needs. With the help of an experienced psychologist, you can learn skills to support your child’s success both now and as they grow.

Empirically-Supported Treatment Options For Parents

Many parents worry that seeking parenting training or consulting with a therapist means they have somehow fallen short as parents. The truth is that asking for support is a sign of how much you love and support your child. We all need a little help sometimes (parents, most of all!). At Caring Cove, we are committed to providing the education, skills, and resources you need to address problematic behaviors, improve the parent-child relationship, and increase desired behaviors in children. 

Our psychologists draw from a range of up-to-date, empirically-supported approaches, including Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Parent Management Training (PMT), Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE), Brazelton Touchpoints, and more.

Brazelton Touchpoints is an extensively studied set of values and principles designed to give parents and other caregivers the support and guidance they need to form strong attachments with their children and help their child grow and develop in all walks of life. This is a strength-based approach that values the successes already present within each family and aims to support child development and parental mastery. Not only do we provide education about child developmental phases and touchpoints, but our psychologists take an active role in helping you understand the ups and downs that will occur in your child’s life. 

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based, short-term treatment model shown to help address behavior problems and improve parent-child interactions. In many ways, PCIT can feel more like a “coaching” session than therapy. By observing the way you and your child interact, communicate, and play together in a specially designed observation room, we provide on-the-spot training in proven-strategies to strengthen parent-child interactions and decrease oppositional behavior. Dr. Lindsay Anderson, the Director of the Caring Cove, is one of few psychologists in New Jersey who is a Certified Therapist in PCIT.

We recognize that a number of families are currently seeking services to address disruptive behaviors in their children. In an effort to provide some relief and strategies to as many family members as possible, we intermittently offer a Parent Child Interaction Therapy virtual group for caregivers to learn and apply evidence-based techniques to manage disruptive behavior, run by one of our licensed psychologists. This is a great opportunity for caregivers who are waiting for treatment or any additional caregivers in your child’s life (if you are already in individual treatment) to learn developmentally appropriate strategies to use with your children. This group runs for 8 weeks.

If you are interested in participating in our Virtual PCIT Parenting Group, please email ( or call us (973-370-9944). We are continually assessing the needs of parents/caregivers and their availability, which helps inform our group implementation.

Parent Management Training (PMT) has been shown to be effective in reducing problematic child behavior by giving parents step-by-step guidance and personalized parenting strategies. Most PMT sessions take place without the child present. By modeling skills and role-playing in sessions, you can achieve greater change in less time, making PMT a more common approach if your concerns are particularly urgent (like aggressive behavior or extreme impulsiveness).

Parent Consultation typically includes 2-4 sessions where we can work together to problem solve specific difficulties your child or adolescent is having. During consultation sessions, we will provide information related to developmental norms, behavior management strategies, and academics (including special education eligibility, school related services, and Individualized Education Plans). If necessary, we can also discuss available treatment approaches that may benefit your child and family. These sessions are available in-person or via a secure telehealth video-based system.

Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions treats children and adolescents with anxiety disorders and OCD through a parent-focused approach. This approach equips parents with practical skills to support their child in a way that promotes healing and growth now and over time. Current research completed in 2019 revealed the benefit of parent training for childhood anxiety.* Supportive parenting doesn’t have to mean constantly giving in to your child’s anxiety to avoid another argument or tantrum. In fact, being too accommodating could actually reinforce anxious thinking in your child. Our goal is to prevent parents from unintentionally reinforcing childhood anxiety and unhealthful thoughts. We will provide you with psychoeducation about anxiety and teach you how to help your children cope with and confront their anxiety. See our SPACE Treatment page to learn more.

Prenatal, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Counseling is tailored specifically for new and expecting parents. It’s natural to have questions or concerns about parenting, especially if this is your first child or you have had a difficult pregnancy or postpartum experience in the past. The best way to support your child and family is to make sure you are taking care of your own wellbeing. Prenatal, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Counseling gives you a safe space to share any fears, doubts, or questions you might have. Together with your therapist, you can find relief from anxious thoughts, practice parenting skills, and gain the education and awareness you need to feel confident in yourself and your ability to care for your child.

Whether you have specific concerns about your child’s behavior or you just want to learn more about developmental milestones and norms, it would be our privilege to help. 

You May Have Some Questions About Parent Training…

Shouldn’t my child be the one engaging in treatment rather than me?

Prior to starting treatment, we will discuss all available options with you. Your family’s needs will determine if it is important for there to be sessions with you individually, with your child individually, conjointly with you and your child, or a combination. Across treatment models, your participation is key to your child’s success. You are the expert in your child and only with your support can we help your child excel.  

How long will a treatment like PCIT take?

The average length of PCIT is between 12 and 20 sessions. Consistent attendance and practice between sessions tends to result in quicker outcomes.

Will my insurance cover Parenting Training?

A percentage of our fees for Parenting Training are reimbursable under most insurance plans using your out-of-network coverage. We suggest contacting your insurance company to see if your plan covers out-of-network benefits, and we are also happy to help you navigate this process if needed. We will also provide you with a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance copy. If you have additional insurance questions, please visit our FAQ page.

See the Benefits of Parenting Training and Consultation Yourself

If you are ready to gain new skills and education to help your child and family live your best lives, we invite you to call Caring Cove at 973-370-9944 for a free 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for working together. We look forward to hearing from you.