Children or teens with selective mutism (SM) and/or social anxiety experience significant discomfort surrounding social situations. Some individuals may be talkative at home, while appearing frozen in public settings, school settings, or with certain others. Given the circumstances of COVID-19 as an added burden, some children or teens are struggling to connect with teachers and classmates. The following child and teen groups are specially focused on navigating SM and social anxiety and on improving your child’s comfort speaking in public.

Child Selective Mutism & Social Anxiety Group

Caring Cove is currently assessing interest in a group for families with children with selective mutism (SM) and/or social anxiety. Previously, we have conducted groups a focus on interactive and relevant activities to target your child’s increased verbalizations and positive interactions with adults and peers, using evidence-based approaches.

Groups are held in-person at our Chatham Township, NJ, office for children to practice skills in a real-life setting with peers. Each week, children will apply skills to specific anxiety-provoking situations, such as asking and responding to questions, taking attendance, reviewing the date & weather, and participating in an activity. Each child’s individual goals will gradually increase in difficulty, working up to a group presentation (e.g., Show & Tell).

Registration is open to all families, new or current. New clients will complete an intake and “fade-in” individual sessions prior to starting group. Please call if interested in learning more about this opportunity.